Gypsy Place


The Gypsy Soul

       Is a free soul, free spirit. comes from the wilderness to defy laws. It doesn't conform to arbitrary rules. The idea of the gypsy soul is based on new beginnings, breaking boarders, new and exciting things. From making new friendships to exploring new places, to tasting new things, to learning new skills, sky is the limit. 

       The Gypsy Soul is not afraid of love, unconditional love that knows no boundaries; to love and spread love; to find peace and spread peace. The soul embraces chaos by finding beauty in imperfection. Life can be messy, but that's what makes life exciting and beautiful. 

       The Gypsy Soul believes in magic, in miracles, and beautiful surprises from the universe. It believes in irrational and illogical explanations to happenings that keep life exciting and our hearts wondering. 

Gourmet coffee and soul food


      Our coffee comes from local farms in Colombia and Ethiopia. With a choice of single origin coffee or special blends, we guarantee your taste buds will be satisfied and your soul stimulated. Our Roasters insure that our coffee is roasted just to the right amount to capture freshness and taste. 

      Our food menu is limited to vegetarian options with some pescatarian variety. Only natural organic ingredients are selected for our menu. Gypsies live a healthy life style with just the right amount of spices. 



Juice Bar 


      We offer a unique smoothie and juice variety made fresh to order. Our juice bar menu is named after gem stones for a reason. Just like how we believe in the power of gem stones and how each stone posses special powers that influence the stone wearer's aura, our smoothies/juices, offer a special power that influences the mind and body.

      Detoxification, rejuvenation, energizers, replenisher, and antioxidants are needed by your body. We have what your body needs.


Our Shop


90 Hampshire St

Cambridge, MA 02139 \  617-945-9736

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday   8am – 3pm

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