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Gypsy Place

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The Gypsy Soul

    The Gypsy Soul is a bohemian at heart - free-spirited, unconventional and daring. It thrives on adventure, seeking out new experiences, and defying societal norms. The idea of the Gypsy Soul is rooted in the magic of fresh starts, boundary-breaking, and embracing the unknown. Whether it's exploring new places, discovering new passions, or tasting new flavors, the Gypsy Soul is always up for the challenge.

      Love is a universal language that the Gypsy Soul speaks fluently. It understands that love knows no boundaries and is not afraid to give it unconditionally. This free-spirited soul is all about finding inner peace and spreading it far and wide. Embracing chaos is just another part of the Gypsy Soul's journey; finding beauty in the most unexpected places is what sets it apart.

      The Gypsy Soul is a believer in the unexplainable and the inexplicable. Miracles and beautiful surprises are everywhere if you know where to look. It trusts the universe to guide it towards the right path, even if it may not always be the most rational one. If you're looking for a life full of excitement, beauty, and wonder, join the Gypsy Soul on its journey.

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Juice Bar 


Welcome to our juice bar, where we craft a variety of fresh smoothies and juices tailored to your unique needs. Our menu is inspired by the beauty and power of gemstones, with each drink carefully crafted to offer a special boost to your mind and body. Whether you're looking for a detox, a burst of energy, or an antioxidant boost, we have just the right blend for you. Our drinks are made with only the freshest ingredients and are crafted to order, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of each nutrient-packed ingredient. Come discover the power of gemstone-inspired smoothies and juices and treat your body to the nourishment and energy it deserves.


Our Shop


90 Hampshire St

Cambridge, MA 02139 


Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday   8am – 3pm​

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